The Girl Behind the Brand

Welcome to my page! My name is Jen Basile. If you've been following me for awhile, you probably know me as the creator of Blessed in Distress Apparel, a clothing company specializing in unique Philadelphia sports brands.

I was seeing a plateau in sales and decided I wanted to purchase a course to teach me marketing strategies that I could use to scale my company. Just from what I learned in the Roadmap, I have been able to skyrocket sales and become a 6-figure company.

While I love doing this, it comes along with a lot of work- the manual purchasing, the dyeing, the packaging, the trips to the post office. With 2 small boys and a fulltime teaching job, it became super overwhelming at times. I wanted to find something more passive, so I could make money online without the physical labor part of it all.

I worked my butt off learning the ins and outs of online income using the Roadmap 3.0 and realized...hey, I'm a teacher, why not teach others about the possibilities of making money online? Especially because I had SEEN FIRST HAND how incredible this course has been for my existing company. And so I started my journey as a Digital Marketer. (You can resell most of my products too, by the way!)

As my digital marketing business grew, so did my vision.

I realized I want to help others build their own online businesses and wealth by spreading the knowledge and resources they need to create passive income streams and ultimately, live life on their own terms. (Must be the teacher in me!)

And so, Blessed in Distress Lifestyle was born.

All business aside, I am a mom first and foremost. I have 2 beautiful boys, who are my entire world and the reason for all of this! I have also been a 6th grade ELA teacher for 11 years and I have owned my apparel company for 4 years. I also love fitness, margaritas and wine tours.

So, welcome to Blessed in Distress Lifestyle. I'm happy to have you here! All of my links are below! Never hesitate to reach out and email me with questions!

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