Welcome to The Roadmap 3.0!

Want to start making money online from home but don't know where to start? I got you!

This course changed my life. As a mother of 2 boys and a fulltime teacher, I never thought I'd be able to build a six-figure business with no business or marketing experience and ZERO followers... AND I did it all online! Now I use my passion for teaching to help you do the same!

Roadmap 3.0 is the #1 Digital Marketing course on the internet...Here's why:

  • Includes 29 modules of in-depth, easy-to-follow video lessons on setting up your product and sales funnel, autmomated emails, social media training, using ChatGPT, etc.
  • Lifetime access to ongoing course updates and community support. NO monthly fees or charges EVER!
  • The BEST part? You have Master Resell Rights which means you can resell this course as your first digital product IF you choose...and for 100% commission!!!
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Resell Again and Again for 100% Profit

You will learn exactly how to sell digital products like this course on autopilot. Once you sign up for this course, you will immediately get access to a sales link that you will be able to provide to anyone who buys this same course from you.

Resell This Course or Use the Skills To Create & Sell your Own Products

You can choose to resell The Roadmap as your own product, or learn from the course on how to create and sell your own digital products. There's even a module on how to create your own course!

You Only Need 1 Sale to Earn your Money Back

The first time you resell this course, you will earn $497 for it (unless you choose to charge more, then you'll earn more!) and every sale after that will be 100% profit in your bank account!

You Get Full Support from The Roadmap Community

With the community in the Roadmap, you get access to free trainings, zero monthly fees and no upsells EVER.

About Me

Hi! My name is Jen.

All business aside, I am a mom first and foremost. I have 2 beautiful boys, who are my entire world and my reason for all of this!

I realized my teaching salary just wasn't cutting it and I was tired of struggling with student loans, bills, and credit card debt. The Roadmap changed my life and now I want to help others build their own online businesses by spreading the knowledge and resources that helped me get to where I am today.

I'm so excited to be helping others create passive income streams and ultimately, live life on their own terms.

Enter your email for more info and receive access to my FREE Starter Guide to creating your online business!
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